Let’s Reduce Plastic Waste!

Grocery bags, food wrappers, plastic straw and other single-use plastic items are pouring into our oceans, and that’s bad for sea life—from tiny plankton to gigantic blue whales. You can help to reduce it just be sure to take the “Skip the Straw” pledge and say “no thanks” to single-use plastic straws – and other unnecessary single-use plastic – whenever you’re out.

Some states have come to the realization about the threat of single-use plastic usage. In 2018, Seattle’s ban single-use plastic straw, they are aiming to reduce the impact of plastic straws litter. The disposed of items found in the cleanup of Anacostia River in D.C hurt wildlife, and they are hard to recycle.

D.C has made in mandatory on 1st January, by July, businesses will begin receiving fines if they continue to offer plastic straws. Numbers of local businesses have started switching to reusable, washable straw or disposable ones made from paper or hay.

In January 2019, San Diego has joined to ban containers made of Styrofoam (polystyrene) food and drink container. Polystyrene is popular cause it is low cost, strength, insulation, and light. These materials easily break into tiny particles that are hard to clean up and rejected by the recycling center. On January 8 San Diego City council approve the ban despise restaurant owner’s complaint.

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